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Welcome to the Cincinnati myActions community! Thanks for helping us protect the planet and save wildlife. Even small actions add up to make a real difference!

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Public transit is an amazing resource if you are a commuter you don't have to rush, search for

10 6 Comment 16 weeks 4 days ago

I created, organized and produced a community yoga class at no cost to the community. Different student teacher and certified teacher come out and share their practice with the community.

80 6 Comment 17 weeks 1 hour ago

I found a beautiful suit at Mannequin, a local vintage non profit boutique located in OTR.

10 9 Comment 17 weeks 1 hour ago

If you are not using your charger unplug it. Energy is still following through the charger even if it is not charging anything.

10 4 Comment 17 weeks 1 hour ago

If we all work together, we can all get where we are going. I know carpooling can be inconvenient but benefit of the planet should be the most important factor.

10 4 Comment 17 weeks 1 hour ago